Live dealer casino – how can you play LIVE dealer games in front of your computer?

Live dealer casino – how can you play LIVE dealer games in front of your computer?

In addition to the game of roulette , casinos also offer live blackjack and casino hold’em games. There you interact even more with the dealer, because you have to make several decisions with each hand.

This is the most common question I hear when I recommend live dealer games. And I always answer with another question: “at which casino?”. Have you noticed that the country is full of bars, bookmakers and game rooms full of “pecanele” machines, but when you are looking for a game with a live dealer does the wind blow?

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Yes, I know what you’re going to say, that every decent casino has an automatic roulette wheel. Hard… but not too. In other words, it’s a kind of live dealer game but no dealer. So what does it offer me in addition to online games? I want to see with my own eyes how he throws the ball; an automated throw doesn’t inspire enough “game fun.” After a while it becomes boring without another man present, especially behind the PC. This is how a dealer maintains the atmosphere.

And if I want to play live casino malaysia blackjack or casino hold’em with a dealer, where do I go? Only through Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi have I seen casinos that offer such a thing. And maybe there will be 1-2 in other cities I don’t know about. There was another one in Brașov, it was called Casino Vesuvius, but it was also closed.

Plus, I get a bonus or more profit from an occasional offer on the net. And if I feel like playing a live dealer game when I’m in the car, I turn on my cell phone and get to work! I also know people who chose to play online roulette malaysia live online so as not to be seen by acquaintances in the halls of the city.

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